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Felicia Chang

Felicia Chang

Head of wealth strategy

Felicia is a longtime Angeleno. The daughter of Taiwanese immigrants who came to America in the early 80s, she grew up in a bilingual household speaking Mandarin Chinese and English. Felicia briefly left LA to complete her undergraduate studies in business administration at the University of California, Berkeley, but later returned to continue her education at the UCLA School of Law, where she also met her husband. Together, they are a big Cal/Bruins family.

As head of wealth strategy, Felicia applies her knowledge and expertise on behalf of Westmount’s clients, providing strategic advice to help them better prepare for and adapt to an ever-changing tax landscape. Whether it’s through explaining tax-efficient strategies to meet wealth transfer goals, presenting options to minimize taxes, planning for a liquidity event, or developing a long-term philanthropic strategy, Felicia collaborates closely with our clients – and their trust attorneys – to solve complex wealth problems.

Prior to transitioning into a wealth planning strategist role, Felicia spent 14 years as a Trust and Estate attorney at a few prestigious, national law firms. With over 20 years of trust and estate planning experience, she brings to Westmount a wealth of knowledge about advanced estate planning and tax strategies.

Outside the office, Felicia loves to travel. Her favorite place to visit is Hawaii. When she is not traveling, you can find her on the tennis courts or spending time with her family.

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