Investment & Planning

Dimitri Krikelas

Dimitri Krikelas

Partner, director of private markets

Dimitri had a colorful bi-cultural upbringing here in L.A. The son of Greek immigrants who came to America in the 70s, he grew up listening to 80s music and watching the “Show Time” Lakers. He earned his degree in economics and an MBA from UC Irvine.

As a senior advisor, Dimitri works closely with clients through all phases of planning and investing. He also serves on the firm’s investment committee, leading its research on alternative assets. For the past decade, Dimitri has led Westmount’s investments into the private markets, including real estate, private equity, and private credit.

Before joining the Westmount team in 2010, Dimitri worked in real estate management, mergers & acquisitions and investment consulting, including serving as director of analytics at Canterbury Consulting.