New client experience initiatives launched

Sean Cauvel, Managing Partner, focuses on elevating your experience.

Update by Westmount Staff

1 November 2022

Earlier this year, we initiated a comprehensive client survey to assess and measure our clients’ overall satisfaction with our firm, advisors, and offering. As part of that process, we also asked for input on ways we can strengthen our relationships with our clients over time.

The insights we captured were invaluable. Since the survey concluded, we have been hard at work to integrate the feedback we’ve received. Some of the steps we have taken so far include:

  • Preparing a new series of communications to help clients better get to know the members of their advisory team and the various services we offer.
  • Identifying the financial topics and scenarios that matter most to our clients and developing new educational pieces that enhance their understanding of those topics (for example: our new Q&As about choosing a trusteereal estate investing, and selling a business).
  • For our new clients, revamping our onboarding process and supplemental materials to provide more clarity about the Westmount professionals they’ll be working with, and those professionals’ respective roles and responsibilities

Lastly, we made an important organizational change to further guide these ongoing client experience initiatives. Earlier this year, you may have seen that Sean Cauvel was named Managing Partner at Westmount. In this role, Sean focuses on elevating the client experience, improving the services clients receive from us, and strengthening our overall offering and scope of services to better meet our clients’ needs.

It is our hope that these operational and organizational changes will result in an even better client experience with Westmount and the services we provide. We are steadfastly committed to integrating your ongoing input and feedback and will take action where we can to better align our offering with your needs.

If you have any questions about these new client experience initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact your advisor. You can also email us at or call our main office line at 310-556-2502. We look forward to hearing from you.

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