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Meet Michael and Shiza, our new Relationship Specialists

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7 July 2023

Westmount is pleased to welcome new Relationship Specialists Michael Burr and Shiza Khan to our team. They will be working closely with Westmount’s network of trusted advisors to deepen firm relationships and enrich the client experience.

Meet Michael Burr

Michael was born in Los Angeles and raised in upstate New York before returning to California to complete high school and further his tennis career. After high school, he captained the Ventura College tennis team for two years and led them to two conference championships. Michael later transferred to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics.

Michael began his career as an analyst at Resolution Economics, a leading economic consulting firm in Los Angeles. Influenced by his upbringing as the son of two psychologists, he later decided to leave the economics field for a career that more closely aligned with his interests in people, trust, and openness, which led him to Westmount.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Michael continues to play tennis regularly, often competing in national doubles tournaments with his father.

Meet Shiza Khan

A lifelong Angeleno and proud Trojan, Shiza earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in law, history and culture, magna cum laude, from the University of Southern California.

Shiza comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her great-grandparents in India founded a business that continues to operate today, and she also worked for her family’s security business while studying at USC.

Before joining Westmount, Shiza was an Associate in wealth management at UBS, where she focused on wealth strategy and financial planning.

She continues to embody her family’s entrepreneurial spirit at Westmount, attracted by the firm’s family roots and culture of serving and protecting clients.

In her free time, Shiza enjoys going on long walks, playing golf, and traveling abroad. She is an avid culinary enthusiast, and on weekends you can find her trying out LA’s newest restaurants or hosting brunches with her family and friends.

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